This game is one of the scariest games I’ve ever played!

The game is an indie horror game by the name of Tattletail.

In this game, the player (who is a small child of around 6-8 I would guess) chooses to unwrap his Christmas gift a few days early. What do we find inside?? A cute little furby-esque toy called a ‘Talking Tattletail’. And boy is it made of the things that fuel nightmares.

The object is to follow the directions given by your new Tattletail over the next few nights leading up to Christmas. Each night, he will want to play more and new kinds of games, and each night becomes more and more difficult. This thing will ask you to feed it, brush its hair, charge its battery, and play all sorts of games around the house while your parents are asleep.

I’m going to leave more details for an article over Part 2, which will be coming out in a few days. But as of now, Part 1 is up on my channel! If you want to see me shaking in my chair, heart pounding, and chills down my spine, go on over to my YouTube or Twitter page and check it out!

And I strongly recommend downloading the game yourself if you like scary games, because from what I have seen so far, it is WORTH it!




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