Night Lights – One Game You Don’t Want to Hide From!

I was able to play a demo of an upcoming puzzle-platformer game today called Night Lights.

Now personally, I very much enjoy puzzle games. I love being faced with new obstacles and tricky situations that force you to pause and assess the entire situation and then find the best (if not only) way to solve the puzzle and progress to the next level. And one thing that is incredibly important to me is trying to beat them on my own without having to look up guides or videos for help.

Because, to me, that’s what a great puzzle game should be. Tough enough to really make you think, and possibly even take a little while to get past, but not always so hard that you have to rely on other people to help you get further.

Two games that I have played and beaten in the past were Limbo and Inside, by Playdead, a Danish independent  video game developer. If you have never taken the time to play these or watch someone play these games, I strongly recommend doing so. The music and art styles are tremendous, although haunting at times. The themes can range from hopeful and light, to dark and hopeless. And just when you think that they can’t throw any new obstacles, mechanics, or enemies at you, they do.

I’m happy to say that with Night Lights, I felt many of the same satisfying feelings. It’s easy to see why the reviews of the demo are very positive, as well as why it has been approved on Steam Greenlight.

Although the fact that it is still in development showed at times, such as certain in-game mechanics (the jumping control gave me some issues here and there), it was a very solid and well build base for an amazingly promising full-length game.

The visuals were spot on for the style and gameplay that the developer is going for, and the background soundtrack was spot on with the environment and ambiance that it created. The tone and mood never seemed quite as dark as the two previously mentioned games were, but that didn’t take away from the experience one bit. The puzzles grew more and more difficult, but never become overly tedious, repetitive, or aggravating. And the mechanics of the game – having to use all different types of lights and shadows to solve puzzles to progress – were fun and innovative.

I had a lot of fun playing this game and making my Let’s Play video for it. I strongly recommend playing this game, as well as donating a few dollars to the production of this game so that we can se a full-fledged version. I just know that the developer has many other great ideas up their sleeve!

Overall, I would give the demo a solid 8.5/10. It’s very promising, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store!


If you’re interested in watching my play through, or if you want the link for the game, just follow the links on my homepage to my YouTube channel or twitter page!


Be on the lookout for other BRAND NEW videos, updates, and reviews throughout this week!


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